Starnight Romance

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She's my first custom girl, with a theme & story...it's my first time to try like this, not only making the outfit, but also trying to custom(I'm a beginner! :P) & do some hair arrangement...even though she wasn't selected to become the semi-finalist of the natural beauty group of this year's blythe beauty contest, she's the very special girl in my heart! and...actually I'm happy that from now on, she'll be always staying with me! (0^v^0)

Introducing my new girl: Starnight Romance

She's the beautiful Orihime(織姫) from the old chinese/japanese story of Tanabata (七夕), meaning Evening of the seventh...it's the story about Orihime(star: Vega) & her lover(star: Altair) are separated by the Milkyway in the sky, and they can only meet each other on 7/7 night...

I tried to make her formal outfit with a romantic starnight feeling!

Starnight Romance in her causal outfit:

More photos of her, including the making-up steps...(although I only did a few customization! :P), pls enjoy taking a look at the album: Click here

There're many amazing entries in this year's beauty contest, here is the Flickr group which is mainly for grouping the girls who entered the contest, whatever a semi-finalist or not:
Blythe Beauty Contest Flickr Group
Good luck to those who became the semi-finalist! and I really appreciate those who entered but not being selected...I believe all of them should have put much effort in creating the girl, and they're all great works too! ^_^


莉莉人 says...""
GREAT WORK ar!! I think "Starnight Romance" is pretty and unique though she was not selected to the semi-final!! ^_^ Add Oil for the next contest!!
2008.04.29 00:23 | URL | #- [edit]
小南 says...""
莉莉人, Thx very much! (0^v^0)
2008.04.29 17:37 | URL | #o/0mI.d6 [edit]
beckiehy says...""
星星OUTFIT好靚,好鍾意佢嘅髮型, 小南努力v-424 !
2008.04.29 22:27 | URL | #- [edit]
annie !_! says...""
The outfit is great ar! "star" is very popular in this season's fashion nei!! ^^
2008.04.29 23:02 | URL | #- [edit]
Carly says...""
終於見到完成晒既作品, 真係好令, 配合得好好呀! casual outfit個袋設計得好好, 希望你係contest取得好成績!
2008.05.02 00:15 | URL | #- [edit]
小南 says...""
beckiehy, annie: Thx very much! (0^v^0)

Carly: 謝謝呀! 其實她沒有入圍決賽呢! ^_^|||
2008.05.02 00:41 | URL | #o/0mI.d6 [edit]
Carly says...""
其實我覺得你呢個作品真係好令, 唔入圍真係有d可惜呢!
2008.05.04 22:52 | URL | #- [edit]

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